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We make small batch premium spirits & handcrafted liqueurs.

We are looking for people (of legal age) who would like to help us bottle our spirits.  Bottling consists of several operations: bottle filling; bottle corking; capsule shrinking and bottle labeling.  Those who volunteer to help, will get an opportunity to learn how to work all machines.  Bottling takes about 1.5 hours. 

If you have signed up to join a bottling crew, you will receive an email (based on first come first serve) letting you know when (date and time) our next bottling will take place.  Typically, a bottling crew consists of 5 people.

When You Are Finished

After the bottling is complete, all volunteers will have the opportunity to sample each of our spirits/liqueurs and enjoy a 750 mL bottle (of their choice) to take home as a thank you from the DEKī Distillery.


Bottling Crew Sign-Up

Thanks for submitting!

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